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Joe is a very honest and insightful lawyer. I went to mediation to reach an agreement with my husband. I just wanted to get it over. I signed an agreement where we each got our own retirement account. My husband’s retirement was $750,000 and much larger than mine. My sister in law is a real estate paralegal and told me divorce agreements were modifiable. I figured I could go modify it later. When I met Joe, he said that since the divorce was signed and approved by the court that I could not modify it. He said asset divisions are permanent unless there was some time of fraud. Boy did I learn a lesson, DO NOT LISTEN TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS FOR ADVICE, even if they are a paralegal. That was an expensive lesson. I did not end up hiring Joe, but I did appreciate his honesty and compassion on this issue.

Joe was great. My ex girlfriend filed a domestic violence petition and got a restraining order against me. She claimed sexual assault. Joe proved it was a lie at trial and got the restraining order dismissed. I’ve got time with my daughter back. It was unbelievable.

Joe is the best lawyer in the state. Sensitive and compassionate with his clients and very aggressive with the other party.

Amazing lawyer would recommend to anyone friendly. Helped me out with a court issue great price. Will come back to you if anything else happens Thank you so much!

Great all around lawyer. Awesome representation for anyone! Would highly recommend!

Joe is a rock star. My ex wife tried to move 4 children out of state when we had shared physical custody. Joe blocked the move and I have my children back. It wouldn’t have happened without him.

Joe was so helpful and understanding. I really appreciated his advice. The other lawyer was just stonewalling everything. Joe was outstanding at the hearing. My wife regretted hiring her lawyer.

I was very impressed with Joe. He was an effective mediator for my divorce. I didn’t think my ex and I would agree on anything, but Joe got it done.

I had IRS debt, credit cards, and money I owed to my ex wife. Joe is a lifesaver. He got rid of it and I was able to move on with my life. Call Joe now don’t wait. I wish I had called sooner.

I used Joe to mediate my divorce. He was sympathetic to my situation and family. He was impartial and helped us reach an agreement in what I thought was an impossible situation. Now I’m divorced, got a fair deal, and it did not cost an arm and leg.

Simply the best. Very caring. Cared about me and my situation. But, don’t let that fool you. He was a tiger in Court. He went right after the other lawyer and the Judge. Just never gave up. I am so happy with how things turned out. It wouldn’t have happened without Joe and Tara. Thank You !!!

Joe is the best divorce lawyer in the State. He knows what to do and he does it. I was going to try to do the divorce on my own to save money. I am so thankful I hired Joe. It was so worth it. I got everything I asked for. I have told all my friends about Joe.

Not as expensive as what other lawyers quoted me. I was happy with the results. I’ll always use Joe in the future. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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